We recently supported Megan to link up with Rebecca at Chatterbox Comms for a work placement. Here is what Megan had to say about her experience:

I asked for help in getting a placement as I want to go into the journalistic/ publishing field in the future. After researching the various paths it became evident that having work experience was coveted and not only would give me a taste of what working in the media is really like but would give me the extra boost in the future having started working in the environment from the get-go.
I think it’s really important that these opportunities are supported, without the work experience I wouldn’t have been as certain as I am that I want to have a career in the media. This opportunity has given me confidence for when I do go into university and the skills I’ve learnt have been incredibly valuable to me. I’ve gained the skills to write to a particular style and modify my writing to suit briefs and audience, I’ve also gained understanding on how to write articles, source information, curate social media posts which will reach the most people possible and overall produce work which suits the brief I’ve been given and is beneficial to the people I am writing for.