Creative Apprenticeships Programme

Background & Context

A&B Cymru is committed to ensuring that the management of the arts in Wales reflects the vibrant and
diverse nature of its communities. Creative Apprenticeships is a new programme which aims to give
young people, aged 18+, high quality opportunities to access a career in the arts.
Designed for those who are facing significant barriers, Creative Apprenticeships will target young
people from Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse backgrounds, those who are Disabled, D/deaf and /
or neurodiverse and those who are experiencing socio-economic difficulties.

In a 10-month placement with an arts organisation, each apprenticeship will provide an introduction to
fundraising, as well as on-the-job training in areas such as marketing, programming, touring etc. The
type of placement offered will be dependent on the individual’s interests and the organisation’s work.
Creative Apprenticeships will immerse participants in professional learning opportunities, ensuring a
close-knit support system for development and growth.


This will be provided not only by the host organisation, but also through the considerable package of support from A&B Cymru, Mentors, ‘Alumni Buddies’ and additional learning opportunities.

In September / October 2022, A&B Cymru will place 4 young people aged 18+ into arts organisations
as apprentices. Each individual will:

• undertake a 10 month, full-time, paid placement with a not for profit arts organisation on a
specific, measurable project. Apprentices will be paid a Living Wage salary.
• receive structured support from the host arts organisation.
• receive mentoring from a senior business leader chosen to meet the apprentice’s specific
developmental needs.
• be allocated an A&B Cymru Buddy, chosen from the charity’s network of Alumni Interns.
• receive ongoing support from A&B Cymru, including monthly progress meetings.
• have free of charge access to A&B Cymru training courses in diversity, fundraising and
business skills.
• be invited to A&B Cymru’s networking events, free of charge.
• receive direct events management experience by helping to deliver A&B Cymru events.
The application process will open in May 2022 and the young people shortlisted will be invited to an
interview in early July. If successful, A&B Cymru will organise match meetings with potential host arts
organisations. Placements will begin in September 2022.

Closing date: 4.7.22

To apply: